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13 Tips on Making a Halloween Haunted House

Halloween inspires the perfect balance of spooky and fun with more than a dash of sweet. The entire month of October seems to take on a festive flair, with orange decorations, candy galore, and loads of pumpkin spice treats and drinks everywhere you go. Decorating for Halloween has become an enjoyable tradition for many families, and some people even take it to the next level by creating a Halloween haunted house. A DIY haunted house can be as simple or involved as you’d like. Keep it under wraps for your immediate family or invite the whole neighborhood and all...

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INFOGRAPHIC: New Home Essentials

Moving is an exciting time in anyone’s life. A new street, a new route home, new rooms to decorate, and an overall new-to-you home calls for several fresh essentials! Whether you happen to be moving into your very first home and you feel as though you need to replace everything from the door knobs to light fixtures, or if this is your last move into your dreamy forever home – A new address warrants a list of must-haves that transform a space from bland to grand! Here are our 6 New Home Essentials to help you prioritize yours: Rugs:...

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11 Tailgating Tips Plus Checklist:
Getting Organized for Your Tailgate Party

Football schedules are in full swing and tailgate season is upon us. Those already familiar with this warm and buzzy parking lot social phenomenon can attest to its many wonders. Endless tables of tailgate food and coolers jam-packed with icy-cold beverages greet friends old and new while rugged outdoor speakers blast tunes at decibels designed to get the blood pumping. Tailgate games bring together friends and foes of the home team, battling it out for bragging rights or perhaps a little more beverage. Depending on your personal flavor of fandom, you can easily join up with an existing crowd...

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The Pantry That Makes Life Easier!

You may have already started making plans for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, and even New Year’s. Dreaming of the holidays often brings to mind hearty meals served family-style and decadent desserts that leave you wanting thirds. Typically, we savor familiar foods that, in many cases, have become cross-generational favorites. After all, what would Thanksgiving be without pumpkin or apple pie (unless you come from that part of the country that relishes key lime pie or caramel pie)? An organized and well-stocked pantry helps to ensure that your baking prowess is met with satisfaction time and again, whether for a long-awaited...

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INFOGRAPHIC: Keeping Organized During Your Move

Planning Makes Perfect: Start planning for your move as early as possible. Create a list of things to do and a schedule to keep everyone on track. Sorting and Purging Go through your home and decide what your essential items are. Get rid of those you don’t need by selling or donating them. Creating A Measured Plan Take the time to measure the dimensions of your new home. This lets you discover how much space you’ll have in your new rooms. Making Big Decisions Decide whether or not you plan on hiring movers. Conduct research in order to find...

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Easy Ways to Refresh Your Home’s Interior: Part 2 (Fall Room Décor)

School is back in session, pumpkin spice is on the shelves pretty much everywhere, and it’s only a matter of time until trick-or-treaters will be knocking at your door. Something about the changing seasons often inspires us to update certain aspects of our lives. A new haircut, a few new pieces in your wardrobe, and certainly a bit of new decor beautifully add to the excitement of autumn’s arrival. When it comes to updating the home for fall, you can make a dramatic impact with just about any size budget. Focus on bringing the hues of autumn into your...

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Dorm Room Organization

Your standard dorm room is not exactly spacious. Tiny may actually be the best word to describe it. The space would be smurfarrific for most Smurfs, but for normal people, dorm living can be quite a challenge. This is especially true when you consider not only sharing the limited space with a roommate, but storing your combined possessions there and still having a place set aside where you can concentrate on school work. Each and every square inch in the room is precious and maintaining at least a semblance of organization is crucial. You will find literally no room...

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Traveling with Kids: 13 Tips for a Smooth Ride

Every parent knows traveling with kids is always an adventure. Just about every mom or dad has a nightmare story to share from a time they were traveling with children. From an unexpected illness to forgotten diapers, there’s rarely a dull moment. Whether going by land, air, or sea, sometimes a little extra planning can make all the difference. Here are suggestions to help you make the most of your family’s travel time. Tips to Survive Traveling with Kids Consider the key factors in a family road trip or flight. Avoiding boredom, keeping the peace, and combating hunger likely...

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