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How to Make Moving Easier on Your Children Part 2: After the Move

So you effectively prepared your children for the big move, but now you’re in your new home and things aren’t going so smoothly anymore. Maybe they miss their old home, maybe things aren’t quite the same here as they used to be. No matter what the situation, there is a way for you to help them through it all, as long as you have a little idea what you need to do. Adjusting to Your New Life The moving process doesn’t end when you unpack in your new home. The period of adjustment immediately afterwards also weighs heavily on...

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7 Tips for Getting Your Digital Life Organized

Digital photos, emails, documents, favorite websites—just like anything else, our digital lives have their own flavor of clutter. Digital clutter storage may not come to mind as an imminent task to tackle, but you will find things running much more smoothly once you do. Wondering how to clean up your computer and other digital files? Getting your digital life organized may be easier than you may think, particularly if you look at the technology pie one slice at a time. Here are our favorite digital organizing tips. 1. Organize Digital Files According to Priority. Just about everyone has important...

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Seasonal Swaps: 8 Summer Decorating Ideas to Refresh Your Home

Walk into any home store these days and you will find no shortage of fun summer room décor. From pineapple pillows to flamingo throw blankets, you can refresh the look and feel of your home in just about the blink of an eye. So many enticing summer designs make it easy to fall in love with the idea of a home décor refresh to match the current season. Consider these summer decorating ideas to keep your home feeling fresh and fabulous. Summer Decorating Ideas Keeping your home fresh and inviting may be an easier feat than you’d expect. A...

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How to Make Moving Easier on Your Children Part 1: Before the Move

Part 1: Before the Move Relocating to a new home is a stressful endeavor, but the addition of unpredictable variables makes the process that much more difficult. Children can be one of these unpredictable variables and while some moves are easier than others, the addition of children always require adding a little more thought into your moving day checklist. Preparing Your Children for the Big Day Understanding how to prepare your children for a move to a new home can be tricky. That’s why we decided to check in with some moving experts about how to make this process...

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Divide and conquer your closet this Memorial Day

It’s not always easy to uphold the true visions of neatness and organization in a space that is purposefully designed to keep things out of sight, tucked away from the rest of your home. With summer right around the corner, chances are that your closet is a loose end that needs clear direction and discipline. Closet storage often becomes a love-hate situation for people of all ages. No matter how often you clean and organize the closet, it still seems to get back to its previous state eventually. For best results, you may need to let some items go...

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11 DIY Gardening Tips for All Seasons

Fresh-picked fruit on demand, scrumptious veggies right from the vine to your dinner table, and beautiful flowers and shrubbery as far as the eye can see… the ideal garden can take many forms. In addition to elements of beauty and edible bounty, gardening offers great health benefits through exercise as well as a therapeutic source of stress relief. With gardening tips for all ages, it is a wonderful hobby for tots to seniors and everyone in between. To get started, discover how much available space you have, both in terms of garden plots and also storage for all of...

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INFOGRAPHIC: How to Safely Pack A Moving Truck

A DIY move isn’t quite as easy as throwing everything into a truck and driving off. If you want to pack your moving truck like a professional mover would, follow this step-by-step guide. What You’ll Need: Dolly Plastic Stretch Wrap Tie Downs Furniture Pads One-Size Doesn’t Fit All: Choose The Right Size Truck Too large of a truck, and your things will move around haphazardly. Too small, and you won’t have enough room for everything you need to bring along for the ride. 10 ft. truck = Studio or small 1 bedroom 12-14 ft. truck = 450 cu. ft....

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Spring Cleaning: How to Deep Clean Your Home

As a beacon of new things, springtime reminds us to refresh and revitalize our lives and our homes. Spring cleaning comes to mind as a time to air out the house, freshen up the home furnishings, and whisk away dust and debris from forgotten corners of every room. Even if you thoroughly clean your home on a very regular basis, some areas need a little extra TLC once or twice a year. Following a cleaning plan can help you to deep clean your home as quickly and efficiently as possible, making sure not to miss important areas. Deep Cleaning...

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