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7 Tips on Packing Your Breakables

The thing about breakables is that…well, they’re breakable. Dishes can easily be cracked, vases can be shattered, mirrors can be reduced to bits of glass, ornaments can be ruined, and heirlooms can be quickly ground into dust. Since you probably want to preserve you delicate possessions, and the possibility of breaking always exists, you will have to be proactive to protect your breakable belongings. Here are a couple tips to get you started safely packing and storing your precious breakables. 1. Save the Best for Last: First of all, you should pack up everything else before you start to...

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Launder Your Laundry Room

When it comes to organization, your laundry room can be puzzling. How can a room that is devoted to getting things clean be so hard to keep clean itself? With dirty laundry coming in constantly and clean clothes on their way out, detergent, dryer sheets, and fabric softener on the shelf, iron and ironing board, cleaning supplies, it all can add up. There is a lot to keep straight in one of the smallest rooms in your house. So how do you keep this room organized and as clean as your clothes? Here are five quick tips that will...

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An Organized Backpack

Backpack, book bag, school bag, haversack, knapsack, pack, rucksack…no matter what you call it, if you are a student you probably use one, and chances are it’s not as organized as it should be. If you are having a troubles staying on top of your school work, then look no further for the solution than the book-carrying container right on your shoulders. By simply cleaning out your bag and organizing it, you will be more likely to stay on top of your school work. At the very least, you’ll know where to find it… Clean Up the Mess Start off your quest...

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10 Tips for Packing Books

Of all the small objects that you can pack into a box, books seem to be the heaviest. Pack a box full and try to move it, and it will feel like you are trying to lift a car..maybe not that heavy perhaps, but surely heavier than most household items you will pack. Since books also take up quite a bit of space in a box, a common mistake is to use a large box in the hope of transporting more books in one load. It’s a nice idea that could leave you wrestling with a box that weighs...

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The 7 Rules of Moving

Do you hate moving? If you do, then you are not alone. More than 12% of American households move each year…and it’s a safe bet that a vast majority of those dislike moving. Moving can be a stressful event; physically demanding and emotionally draining. In short, it’s not something that most people look forward to. However, let’s face it, at some point you will probably move or help someone else with their move. It doesn’t have to be a miserable experience though. If you plan it out and follow some simple rules, your next move should be, if not...

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The Wonderful World of Boxes Part 3: I’m Done With These Boxes, Now What?

So, now that your move is over, what should you do with all the wonderful boxes that you have collected? You don’t want to just throw them away, but you certainly don’t want to store them all in your house. First of all, you may want to hold onto some of those boxes for storage. From holiday decorations to seasonal clothes, we all have things that we don’t need close at hand but we want keep. These items can be packed away in labeled boxes and stored in the attic or a closet until you decide to pull them...

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Storing Your Holiday Decorations

Sadly, the holidays are over now and it’s time to put away the holiday decorations. The idea is to get them all back where you got them in a somewhat organized fashion, preferably without breaking them. Let’s finish this holiday season off right by avoiding tangled lights, misplaced decorations, and broken ornaments. Here are a couple ideas to help you accomplish that goal and find them all in one piece next year. Label Each Container First of all, you should put all of your decorations into clearly marked containers such as boxes, bags, or plastic bins. Keep a list...

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Ring in the New Year

Happy New Year! Once again, it’s time to get moving on those New Year’s resolutions. Strap on those tennis shoes, start that diet, learn a new skill…Let’s get a better grip on life, get a start on our goals, and seize the day! Even though most people’s resolutions don’t make it through the first month of the year, this year is going to be different for you. This is the year that you will get organized and take life by the horns! You may not know it, but a major part of reaching your goals is through organization. Writing...

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