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INFOGRAPHIC: Moving With Pets

As you prepare to make a move with your furry friends, you’ll want to check out this handy infographic we put together to help you along the way. Pre-Move Update tags: Get a new tag with your updated contact information. Keep the old and new tag on your pet’s collar just in case you forget to change the tag during the move. Get vet records: Acquire all old records and ask your vet to recommend a vet in your new area. Make sure all shots are up to date and in compliance with your new state and local laws....

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Organization for Kids: 10 Children’s Playroom Tips

The sheer amount of “stuff” one family accumulates can be staggering, especially when it comes to the children’s playroom. From action figures to stuffed animals, games to blocks, balls, and beyond, it can be a real challenge to keep the space clean and organized to say the least. Sometimes it seems like no number of baskets, bins, and toy boxes can set the scene straight. The good news is that a change in process can make for a better result time and time again. Think of the state of your children’s playroom as a two-part equation. First, you have...

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How to Protect Your Car in Storage

“Storage” falls into two categories: simply stashing stuff away until later, or protecting a valuable investment when it’s not in use. Automobile storage certainly falls under the “investment protection” definition. What are the best ways to make sure your car is safe and sound while in storage? The first step is to find a quality car cover. We asked the pros at, a leading car parts distributor, for their take on this important subject. Car fanatics will go to extreme lengths to protect their car. From washing & waxing to front bumper covers and all kinds of protective...

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7 Things to Help You Downsize

Moving to a smaller house is an eventual reality for most of us. The specifics of that simpler setting can vary widely from one person to the next. Will you relocate to a condo or smaller home, move in with family, or perhaps set sail for a posh retirement community? Whatever you decide, you will still have to deal with the process of downsizing your home. Over the course of a lifetime, people accumulate so much stuff. The average home contains roughly 300,000 items according to professional organizer Regina Lark as cited in the Los Angeles Times. For many,...

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INFOGRAPHIC: 5 Week Moving Checklist

Our infographic 5 Week Moving Checklist can really help you plan for moving day. 5 Weeks Until Moving Day Create an inventory for yourself: Create a list of the most important and valuable things to you. You’ll use this list on moving day to make sure you aren’t forgetting anything important. Start training your dog and/or cat for travel: Take some time to train your furry friend to use a pet carrier by feeding them and giving treats when they stay inside of it. This will help make moving day easier on you and them. Gather personal records: Find...

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8 Tips on Moving out after a Breakup

Shared home, shared belongings, maybe even a shared pet or child… Breakups can seem twice as hard when you are actually living together. Tension is on the rise and the first place you want to go to get away from it all—your home—is no longer a place of comfort and peace. Instead you may find yourself fighting, worrying, and feeling depressed around a person you used to care about quite a bit. Moving out after a breakup is probably the first step toward healing your heart. Here are some tips to help you move on after a breakup. Breakup...

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Relocation Guide & Moving Checklist

New horizons, exciting places, and countless adventures untold! Relocating for a job or for personal or family reasons can be one of the most exciting—and sometimes stressful—chapters of your life. With a little planning, though, you can organize each phase of your home relocation, easing the pressure and setting your move up for success. Relocation moving typically involves packing up most of your life, discarding what you don’t need, and setting sail for a new life in a different corner of the country or the world. Many times the move takes you from one coast and sends you to...

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