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An Infographic To Walk You Through Spring Cleaning

Here is a simple, step-by-step instruction for how to manage your spring cleaning this year. Do you have any tips that you’d add to this list? Household Tips To get the most out of your Spring Cleaning, follow these general and specific key points in these common areas: Household Cleaning Bedrooms Bathrooms Kitchens 20% or one in five Americans suffer from either and allergy or asthma Household Cleaning: Fans and light fixtures: those hard to reach areas and high places you tent to forget about hold lots of dust bunnies, so get them out. Air vents: change air filters,...

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7 Clever DIY Easter Ideas to Optimize Your Holiday

While you’re busy daydreaming about chocolate bunnies and marshmallow chicks, reality snaps in and reminds you that Easter is less than a week away. Ahh! How did that happen? Suddenly your to-do list explodes with crafts and recipes, cleaning and organizing, and the best intentions for planning and preparing. This favorite springtime holiday brings with it meaningful Easter ideas and sentiments for everyone, but rarely—if ever—enough time for everything. Here are some fun Easter ideas to help optimize your holiday this year. Tackle your To-Do list systematically. Try to focus on at least one item from each category—cleaning, cooking,...

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How To Declutter Your Home For Spring

Spring is upon us and that means it’s time for some Spring cleaning. With another Winter drawing to a close, it’s time yet again to let some life back into your home. Besides, that fresh Spring air just doesn’t feel the same with all of that Winter dirt and dust taking up space at home. It may not be the thing you look forward to the most every year, but there’s no denying how great it feels to look at your newly cleaned home after a good tidying up. Still, figuring out where exactly to start with the whole...

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The Wonderful World of Boxes Part 2: What Goes Where

Do you think that all boxes are the same? Well, think again…there are dozens of different boxes that have been specially made for specific moving needs. You wouldn’t expect to see a mechanic rebuilding an engine with just a screwdriver would you? Well, just like a mechanic has certain tools that he uses for specific repairs, as a mover, you have a wide variety of boxes to choose from storing and moving your belongings. Here is a fresh look at just some of the types of boxes that you can choose from, so that next time you pack your...

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The Wonderful World of Boxes Part 1: Finding Boxes

The comedian Jerry Seinfeld once remarked, “..when you’re moving your whole world becomes boxes. That’s all you think about is boxes. Boxes, where are there boxes?…” Does this sound familiar to you? Has the thought of moving made your world all about boxes? Do you stay up at night thinking about finding boxes, how to pack your belongings in boxes, or even which belongings should go into which type of box? If so, you’re not alone. Many people have the same questions when they move. When you’re packing up to move, you’re going to need plenty of boxes to...

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INFOGRAPHIC: Moving With Pets

As you prepare to make a move with your furry friends, you’ll want to check out this handy infographic we put together to help you along the way. Pre-Move Update tags: Get a new tag with your updated contact information. Keep the old and new tag on your pet’s collar just in case you forget to change the tag during the move. Get vet records: Acquire all old records and ask your vet to recommend a vet in your new area. Make sure all shots are up to date and in compliance with your new state and local laws....

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Organization for Kids: 10 Children’s Playroom Tips

The sheer amount of “stuff” one family accumulates can be staggering, especially when it comes to the children’s playroom. From action figures to stuffed animals, games to blocks, balls, and beyond, it can be a real challenge to keep the space clean and organized to say the least. Sometimes it seems like no number of baskets, bins, and toy boxes can set the scene straight. The good news is that a change in process can make for a better result time and time again. Think of the state of your children’s playroom as a two-part equation. First, you have...

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How to Protect Your Car in Storage

“Storage” falls into two categories: simply stashing stuff away until later, or protecting a valuable investment when it’s not in use. Automobile storage certainly falls under the “investment protection” definition. What are the best ways to make sure your car is safe and sound while in storage? The first step is to find a quality car cover. We asked the pros at, a leading car parts distributor, for their take on this important subject. Car fanatics will go to extreme lengths to protect their car. From washing & waxing to front bumper covers and all kinds of protective...

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