With summer right around the corner, chances are that your closet is a loose end that needs clear direction and discipline. You may even need to let some items go (like that knit sweater that you haven’t even looked at in over a year, or your work out tank top that has one too many acceptable holes in it). Whatever those items may be, they’ve put in their time, but that time has come to an end.  Memorial Day weekend is the perfect opportunity to accept what items need to go and determine what takes priority, so that you can feel light and free during those hot summer days. We’re here to give you some tips that will empower you to conquer your closet.

1.    Identify A “Safe Zone”

Depending on how much of a disaster your closet is, it may feel overwhelming deciding where to start. We suggest finding a place that you’re most comfortable with. For example, start by lining up all of your shoes from most to least favorite, or from most to least important. If you have work shoes that you wear on a weekly basis, they should be at the front of the line. If you have a pair of shoes that were only worn for one special event, determine their significance. Why does that pair of shoes earn a spot in your closet? They may have sentimental value, or maybe you keep persuading yourself that they will serve a purpose for another outfit, sometime in the future. We’re hoping this first step of identifying a safe zone will help you prioritize, so that you start to feel comfortable tossing some items.

Just as you did with your shoes, we suggest you do the same process with your jackets, blouses, jeans, etc.

2.    Pick Off Easy Targets First

Now that you’ve organized all of your big items from most to least important, it should be easy to see all of the items that are taking up space, or are holding you back from buying a new item. The three pairs of shoes at the end of your list may be the reason you decided not to buy that new pair of wedges that you know you’ll wear with all of your summer dresses. Take those shoes and toss them, or if they’re still in good condition set them aside for a consignment store. You may get a few dollars back for each pair, and that money can go towards your new shoes fund.

As for those pants that haven’t been worn in over 12 months, realize that it’s time to part ways. It’s summer time, so they definitely won’t be worn anytime soon. Also, do they even fit? Summer is a time for lots of physical activities and lighter foods, so spend your summer working on a body that will look great in a new pair of skinny jeans come winter.

3.    Winter Is(nt) Coming

Speaking of winter, it isn’t anytime soon. So why should you keep looking at winter clothes in your closet? We’re not saying that you should throw your winter clothes away, but you should transfer them to a remote location that doesn’t interfere with your regular schedule. Under the bed perhaps? You may even choose to transfer them to a storage unit. Once it gets cold, they will be there waiting for you. Think of it as a well-awaited reunion. It may even feel like you’re getting new clothes once you see them again. Until then, keep your closet light and colorful.

4.    Know Where Your Loyalties Lie

There’s always going to be the items in your closet that rarely serve a purpose, but you’re not sure where else to store them and they are valuable enough to keep around for the long haul. Take luggage, for example. It’s big, bulky and expensive. How often do you open up that giant suitcase that is good for a month-long trip abroad? We’re guessing that it’s not too often. This is the perfect item for long-term storage, as are giant photo albums, boxes of memorabilia and family heirlooms.

A storage solution such as Price Self Storage is an excellent option for keeping your personal effects. With facilities located throughout California, your personal effects will be close by without cluttering up your closet.

What items would you transfer out of your closet and into a Price Self Storage unit?