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Elf Storage

With the holiday season in full swing, our team here at Price Self Storage decided to join in the fun with our own creative compilation. Below, you’ll find the best of the best Elf on the Shelf ideas, compiled by our storage team. Read on for our whacky and creative Elf on the Shelf list, and check out our special Elf Storage in Southern California, perfect for storing presents and holiday decorations! Snowball Fight from Nelly Cole Photography… Feeling frozen? This elf sure is. Find yourself an Elsa figurine and freeze your elf on the Shelf in a small...

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Holiday Haul-out: 7 Tips on Tackling Clutter Before Santa’s Big Visit

Are you dreaming of a clutter free holiday? For many families, it’s unfathomable to even think about bringing more stuff into a home around the holidays. With so much clutter already strategically stacked and hidden throughout the house, it may be especially difficult to find homes for even more gifts, particularly when it comes to toys. Holiday clutter blurs the lines with warm sentiments and good intentions that can impact how your home is organized. Finding a tactful way to request clutter free Christmas gifts for your family, like season tickets, cash, and other gifts of experience, can be...

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8 Tips on Hosting Thanksgiving Brunch for a Large Group

Feasts as far as the eye can see, football, family and friends—what more could you want for Thanksgiving? This year consider hosting a Thanksgiving brunch for a large group rather than going all out for the traditional Thanksgiving dinner. You can prepare a Thanksgiving Day brunch with the help of numerous small kitchen appliances and creative, delicious recipes that work great when cooking for a crowd. Inviting your family and friends to a Thanksgiving brunch gives you so many possibilities for the menu and serving setup. Here are a few tips and Thanksgiving brunch ideas for a festive holiday...

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14 Black Friday Shopping Strategies to Score Great Deals

Halloween has come and gone and already it’s time to start thinking about the next holidays. Thanksgiving will be here before we know it, and right on its heels will be the biggest shopping holiday of the year—Black Friday. Can’t you just feel the excitement of those Black Friday deals right now? Avid deal hunters know the true possibilities that await with huge discounts on electronics, toys, apparel, and just about anything you could want or need. The crowds will be thick, the hours will be long, the labor of it grueling, but the rewards for those who persevere...

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6 Fun DIY Halloween Decorations

Decorating the home for Halloween often becomes a favorite tradition for young and old. The timelessness of setting up spooky Halloween decorations and even crafting them by hand becomes a beloved activity to enjoy with the whole family. No matter if you are crafting an entire haunted house or merely adding a mysterious touch to your own décor, this is one holiday where you can really let your imagination run wild. Here are a few suggestions for fun DIY Halloween decorations for inside and outside of your home. INDOOR HALLOWEEN DECORATIONS Decorating for Halloween indoors can be great fun...

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9 Ways to Organize Your Camping Gear

The rustling streams, the crunching leaves, a starlit sky overhead—few activities are as simple and natural as camping in the Great Outdoors. For many families, camping becomes an annual tradition, if not a more frequent pastime. Whether truly camping or actually “glamping,” the experience can be memorable and enjoyable for almost anyone. Camping trips with friends and family bring people closer together, inviting great conversation, adventure, and relaxation all in one. But when camping season’s done, or in between your seasonal trips, what do you do with all that camping gear? Best Camping Storage Tips for Anytime Rely on...

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Infographic: Price Self Storage Guide to Downsizing

Moving forward with life sometimes means downsizing into a smaller home. While it can be difficult to execute, downsizing can prove to be extremely beneficial for a variety of reasons. What most people don’t understand is that downsizing doesn’t just mean getting rid of things—it means living a less cluttered life overall. Aside from the financial benefits of occupying less space, the mental benefit of being surrounded by less clutter can be extremely liberating. In order to help you downsize more efficiently, our team here at Price Self Storage has put together this quick guide for you. Why Should...

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10 RV Tips for the Perfect Tailgate

Adding an RV to your tailgating fleet brings so much versatility to your parking lot parties, especially regarding your personal comfort and convenience. First, with the right tailgating RV, you’ve no longer got to worry about the forecast. You’ll likely have a built-in bathroom as well, not to mention indoor seating, a fridge to keep your food and beverages cold, and plenty of RV storage space to lug along your tailgating must-haves. With so many benefits, your group is sure to have even more fun at tailgating events. Consider these RV tailgate tips to make the most of your...

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