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9 Tips for Organizing Your Book Collection

Books in the home serve many purposes. From culinary resources to memory keepers, references to romance novels, and everything in between, your book collection offers a brief glimpse into who you are and where your life has taken you over the years. Some books carry special meaning or sentimental attachment. Others purely deliver entertainment value, and still others help you to manage various aspects of life on a regular basis. For many collectors, these piles and boxes of books quickly add up, leaving you with a bookshelf organization dilemma. However vast your collection of books, a good book storage...

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11 Spring Cleaning Do’s and Don’ts

Spring cleaning may seem like an insurmountable task, but once you get started, you will see how all the pieces start to come together until you have a sparkling clean home. Of course, there are many ways to clean a house. You can clean your home from top to bottom, from one complete room to the next, or from one task to the next. You can do it by yourself, with the help of your family, or by hiring a professional cleaning service to come out and scrub your home to perfection. As with anything, you’ll find lots of...

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Easy Ways to Refresh Your Home’s Interior Part 4: (A Breath of Spring)

The Easter Bunny’s on his way, spring cleaning chores await, and you’ll see pastel colors just about everywhere you go. Spring ideas are everywhere you look! This happens to be one of the most inspiring seasons for a lot of reasons. For many people, springtime carries the theme of starting anew, and who doesn’t love a fresh start? From exercise workouts fueled by beachy dreams to a new season of flower or vegetable gardening, the spring offers a wonderful breath of change if you’re open to the possibilities. Once you’ve tackled your spring cleaning checklist, it’s time to move...

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Tips for Organizing Your Small Home Office

Setting aside a dedicated space as a home office can work wonders for your productivity. Even a small home office makes it easier to complete your projects with minimal distraction. Unless, of course, your home office becomes too cluttered. If this is the case, you may find your mind wandering to all sorts of places, mainly to get away from the mess. Rather than let your work suffer for too long, consider taking a break to organize your office. Home Office Inspiration Designing your home office layout can be a truly enjoyable experience. Just imagine where you’ll hook up...

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15 Tips on Organizing Your Boat Gear for Boating Season

Boating season is upon us and now is the perfect time to take inventory of all your boat gear for your latest adventures on the water. It’s certainly better to be prepared than to find out you’ve busted a fuel pump or lost some lines over the past few trips at sea. Here are some tips to help you organize and update your boating accessories for a new season of fishing, skiing, or, you know, whatever floats your boat. Preparing your vessel for new voyages on the tides can take a little time. Be sure to give yourself that...

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Creating the Perfect Space for Her: DIY She Shed Ideas

Who hasn’t heard of the man cave? It’s the perfect place to watch the big game, enjoy a draft beer from your own tap, play a little poker, or just kick back and relax. Many man caves are female-friendly, of course, but sometimes a lady just wants a space of her own. Enter the she shed. A chic shed idea for women of all ages, she sheds offer a fun and personal space to enjoy your creativity and your favorite hobbies. A brief glimpse online leads you to dozens if not hundreds of she shed ideas for social spaces...

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23 Tips to Take Your Super Bowl Party All the Way

While the New England Patriots are gearing up for yet another in a long line of Super Bowl appearances, the Philadelphia Eagles are preparing for their revenge from the big game in 2004. To the surprise of many, the Philadelphia Eagles continued their winning streak even after losing star quarterback Carson Wentz in early December. The “underdog” team rose to the challenge in the NFC Championship game, led by backup quarterback Nick Foles, crushing the Minnesota Vikings by 38 to 7. The close championship game between the Patriots and the Jaguars (24 to 20) versus the bigtime blowout by...

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17 Tips on Getting Organized for Tax Time

It’s hard to believe tax time is once again right around the corner! We’ve barely finished exchanging holiday gifts and making New Year’s resolutions—and already we’re met with the stressful scramble to identify business expenses or deductions, find and document tax receipts, and pray for a nice, sizeable refund. Tax time preparations seem to go more smoothly when an organized system is in place, yet this isn’t always the case. Some find themselves down to the wire, searching for receipts and gathering information up until the tax deadline, or even filing for an extension. Today’s world is very much...

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