Knowing how to rent a storage unit makes move-in day so much easier. Storage units alleviate clutter and give you more breathing room in your own home or office space. If you’re wondering what is needed to rent a storage unit, you’ll find the entire process to be relatively quick, easy, and pain-free. Simply follow the steps in this guide to rent storage and change your life for a brighter future.

What Do You Need to Rent a Storage Unit

Renting a storage unit can bring so many positives to your life. Your rooms look neater, your mind is freer, and you have less to do each day to keep the place clean. Knowing how to rent a storage unit improves the transition from cluttered to clutter-free before move-in day even arrives.

Be sure you have these materials on-hand when you rent a storage unit:

  • Your driver’s license or government issued photo ID
  • Boxes and packaging supplies
  • A signed lease for the storage unit
  • A truck and driver to help get your items to storage
  • Your deposit, first month’s rent, or other required payment, if applicable (Price Self Storage doesn’t require a deposit.)

When you rent a storage unit, you must be prepared to sign your lease to finalize the rental. Signing your storage rental lease before your move-in date helps to ensure a smooth and seamless transition into your new space. Be sure to sign prior to your moving date so you can focus on transporting and arranging your things instead of paperwork.

How do I rent a storage unit?

How to Rent a Storage Unit

Wondering how to rent a storage unit? Complete the process in a snap! Simply follow these steps to find and reserve storage units.

  1. PLAN – First, consider which items you plan to store and how much space those things require. Use the Storage Size Guide to help estimate the storage unit size you need. Remember to leave enough extra space for adding more items over time and a walkway so you can still access your things. When trying to find the right personal storage unit size, don’t forget about the items in your garage.
  2. RESEARCH – Look into the facilities near you and consider how their different features map to your needs. You can find vehicle storage, climate-controlled storage, and other special amenities to solve your storage needs.
  3. ASK QUESTIONS Contact us with any questions you may have. You can call, email, or stop by one of our self storage locations.
  4. SEARCH – Search by zip code, city or browse by location to find local storage units for rent.
  5. MARK YOUR CALENDAR – Pick a date that works best for you to move your stuff. Mark it on your calendar and work toward getting everything ready by that deadline.
  6. RESERVE – Quickly and conveniently reserve your storage unit online, in person, or by phone. Your storage reservation allows you to choose just the right business or personal storage unit.
  7. SCHEDULE IT – Schedule a delivery truck to help get your belongings from A to B. Rent with Price Self Storage and get free use of our truck and driver to pick up and drop off your stuff!
  8. SIGN THE LEASE – Visit your storage unit’s local office to sign the lease ahead of time to make move-in day that much easier.
  9. PREPARE – Take some time to strategize on your storage layout. Mark boxes with the room or items inside as well as fragile, heavy, light, etc., so that you can stack them accordingly. Check out our Storage Whitepaper for more self storage tips.
  10. PACK – Carefully pack and organize all of the items you plan to move. Wrap fragile items in tissue paper/bubble wrap and disassemble larger furniture pieces if possible.
  11. ARRIVE – Move your items/belongings into their new space. Bring a friend or family member to help and cut the time in half. Take pictures or sketch out a quick map of where you’ve put things so you’ll remember when you need to retrieve anything from storage.

Relax with Room to Breathe

Finally, celebrate when it’s all done! You’ve made a huge improvement in your home or business setting, and most importantly, in your life. You can now live and breathe in a decluttered space. Need a little help getting the ball rolling for finding the right storage unit? Give us a call to reach our free concierge service to help you choose the perfect storage unit for you.