Doing well in school is hard. That’s probably why there is so much advice out there on how to be a good student. Everyone seems to have an opinion; In fact, there is so much advice on how to be a good student, that you could probably drop out of school and study that full time. But what is a good student? And how do you go about becoming one anyway?

The phrase “good student” is actually rather interesting. It suggests that if you are not doing well in school, that you are somehow a “bad student”. This idea, besides being slightly depressing, makes it seem like you are either born a “good student” or you are not…there is nothing you can do about it. Well, that is simply not true. Let’s forget the erroneous moniker of “good” and “bad” and concentrate on being successful in school. Success is what we are all looking for, right? So, how do we find success in school?

All that stands between those that do well in school and those that don’t are a couple of simple habits that can be easily learned. The secret to success in school is directly related to how organized you are as a student and how willing you are to learn. At the risk of contributing even more information to an already saturated topic, here are a few things you can do to become more organized and substantially increase your success in school:

Make Goals

Before you do anything else, you need to decide what your goals are in school. To do that, you must take inventory of where you are at and then decide where you are going. You should have a pretty good idea of what you want to get out of school by the time you graduate and what you need to do to get there. If you aren’t having success in school currently, begin by setting goals for yourself that are both motivating and realistic. Aim for incremental progress; don’t set the bar so high at the beginning that you are left feeling discouraged if you can’t achieve your goals. Make sure to write down your goals and be specific about what you want to achieve when.

Manage Your Time

When it comes to school, time is one of the most precious resources you have. If you want to succeed in school, you have to learn to manage your time and balance school and other priorities. The most important thing you can do to help you manage your time is to create a time management system that works for you. This can be something simple like a wall calendar, or more complex like a day planner. These days, a smart phone or tablet can fulfill both of these functions. Whatever you use to organize and manage your time however, make sure you use it consistently.

Make sure to write down important dates and times for each of your classes as well as assignment due dates. By doing this, you can ensure that you know when assignments are due and when you will have tests. Once you start keeping track of everything going on, it will be much easier to schedule time to study and complete projects and still have time left to do what you want.

If you have trouble sitting down to study, try setting aside a certain amount of time each day to do school work. This should help you to study consistently and not procrastinate school projects.

Go to Class & Take Good Notes

Students that do well in school go to class and take good notes. Each time you miss a class, you are probably missing important information that will be on the next exam. You can’t miss too many classes and still do well. It goes without saying, that you should be doing more than taking up space in class. Pay close attention to what the teachers are saying, ask questions, and take notes on everything. The better you are at note taking, the more information you will have to help you when you are studying.

Clean Up Your Study Space

Something else that will help you to do well in school is cleaning up and organizing the space where you study and keep your class materials. This could include your desk, bedroom, locker, or backpack. Working in an untidy environment can easily lead to distractions and a disorganized backpack can lead to misplaced assignments. By cleaning up and organizing these spaces, you will have a more inviting place to study and more control over your school work.

Keep Track of Your Grades

“If it can be measured it can be managed. If it is measured it can be improved”. This old adage is true when it comes to school grades. If you keep track and measure your grades regularly throughout each semester, you can determine where you are at in relation to your goals. You can also figure out what you need to do to raise your grades and reach your goals.

Reward yourself

Plan to reward yourself when you meet your school goals. Whether you plan to spend time with friends or take a trip at the end of the semester, setting up rewards for yourself can help keep you motivated.

From Price Self Storage to all the students out there, we hope you make a couple of these study habits your own, good luck in your studies this semester.