Do you think that all boxes are the same? Well, think again…there are dozens of different boxes that have been specially made for specific moving needs. You wouldn’t expect to see a mechanic rebuilding an engine with just a screwdriver would you? Well, just like a mechanic has certain tools that he uses for specific repairs, as a mover, you have a wide variety of boxes to choose from storing and moving your belongings.

Here is a fresh look at just some of the types of boxes that you can choose from, so that next time you pack your belongings into boxes you put your fine china nonchalantly into a large wardrobe box or attempt to shove your mattress into a mirror box…as if!

  • Small Box (approximately 1.5 Cubic ft.): Otherwise known as a book box, this is the workhorse of moving boxes and the most widely used. As its name implies, you can stuff this one full of books, small appliances, and other dense items. (Try keeping the contents of this box to 50lbs or less.)
  • Medium Box (approximately 3 Cubic ft.): This is a general-purpose box that can be filled with pots and pans, lampshades, household electronics or appliances, kids toys, etc.
  • Large Box (approximately 4.5 Cubic ft.): A large, general–purpose box for lightweight items such as stuffed animals, toys, blankets, bedding, and pillows. Make sure that you don’t overload these boxes or you won’t be able to easily move/lift them.
  • Wardrobe Box: The wardrobe box comes in a variety of sizes and is generally equipped with a bar for hanging up your clothes. Feel free to fill this box with, you know, your clothes.
  • Dish Pack Box: The dish pack box was specially designed with cell dividers to carry fragile items like dishes, bowls, glasses and other kitchenware. Don’t feel like you need to limit these boxes to just kitchen items, however, they work just fine for all of your breakables since they have cell dividers to keep everything inside from moving around and doing what you don’t want them to do, like break. For added protection you can place bubble wrap or newspaper around your breakable items in the dividers.
  • Mirror/Frame Boxes: These telescoping boxes offer extra protection for mirrors, paintings, and glass tabletops.
  • Mattress Boxes: Yes, they even have boxes made especially for your mattress, whether it is a crib, twin, standard, double, queen, king, or California king.
  • File Boxes (approximately 2.3 Cubic ft.): To carry your business and personal files, documents and any other paperwork.
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